If you’re considering laser hair removal, you’ll probably want to know what its good points are – why should you go with lasers over razors? Why wish away your wax?

Well, there are plenty of benefits to laser hair removal, and many reasons you should opt for it over other hair removal methods, not least of which are the time and money saving.



Laser hair removal is extremely effective – lasers are precise and all of their energy goes into targeting the hair follicle, making them far more effective than IPL, for example.

Lasers have been tried and tested over the last 20 years, giving you peace of mind that the technology is safe. The important thing is to choose a quality device for at-home treatments, or use a reputable salon and most importantly follow the instructions!


Treatments are quicker than you might expect – it only takes around 20 minutes to do a full bikini line treatment.


Just think – once you’ve permanently reduced your hair growth, you won’t have to spend time every few days shaving your legs, underarms, bikini line… Over the course of a year or two, you’d be surprised how much time you spend on hair removal.


As well as saving time on shaving or waxing, you’ll save money. Whether you buy razors and shaving cream, or you spend money on salon waxes, over a lifetime that cost really adds up.


Say goodbye to ingrown hairs – laser hair removal doesn’t cause them. In fact, it’s often used as a method of treating them. So, if you’re prone to razor burn or ingrown hairs through shaving or waxing, laser hair removal might be just the answer.


Don’t you hate the two weeks between waxes when you’re not allowed to shave? Unlike treatments that require a level of hair to work, laser hair removal actually works better on shaved hairs. So you don’t have to struggle with regrowth during your treatment cycle.



 At Peaches Laser Lab our qualified and trained laser specialist is able to advise on all aspects of the treatment, you can feel assured you are in safe, expert hands all the way. Say goodbye to all your time consuming, messy hair removal methods & enjoy smooth skin without ingrown hairs and razor bumps!
During your consultation the treatment will be thoroughly explained, and questions you may have will be answered. When your fully comfortable with the treatment you will have a small patch test 2-4cm on the arm or leg to determine the best laser treatment settings for your individual hair and skin type. The ensures you'll achieve your best possible results quickly and effectively.
How Does It Work?
 During your sessions a layer of gel is applied to the treatment area, this helps the the light from the laser to be absorbed making more effective whilst adding extra protection to your skin as well as our crystal freeze technology to ensure a quick and painless treatment. The laser light efficiently travels down the hair shaft to the  hair follicle, which over a course of treatments the laser effectively destroys the follicle completely resulting in a 100% hair reduction.
Does it hurt?
At our clinic we offer Crystal Freeze Laser Hair Removal. This is an advanced, innovative laser system that cools the area whilst treating it. This enables the laser to glide over the skin to provide faster treatments making it ideal for larger areas such as full legs, full back & body. As the laser cools it ensures that your skin is protected whilst the treatment is painless yet effective with fewer treatment sessions needed compared to other lasers. The sensation varies from area, to each individual but is usually described as a low warming sensation.
How long will it take?
Your session time can be from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area being treated. its recommended to undergo a course of treatments, usually 6-8 treatments are needed to permanently reduce your hair growth. Your treatments should be spread at least 6-8 weeks apart, it is recommended not leaving your session gaps longer than 8 weeks to ensure we achieve your desired results.
After your course of treatments a once a year top up session may be needed. This is due to a low number of your stronger hair follicles that have not yet been permanently destroyed. A 15 minute top up session is needed just once a year and is half price.
Treatments with male clients
More than the average number of sessions will be required due to the high levels of testosterone causing the natural drive to produce hair faster and thicker, up to 10 sessions will be needed to achieve 100% hair reduction with male clients.
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